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JAG/Is there plans for a reunion show?


Gigi wrote at 2013-01-08 10:31:34
I agree with this answer. A reunion show or movie would be a dicey proposition because the fans all have such different ideas of what would have happened after the series finale. JAG fans are a very diverse bunch in terms of their preferences.

The 'non-shippers' might prefer to think that Harm and Mac's relationship didn't work out, and that they eventually went their separate ways. Even among the 'shippers', there would be different opinions... some would prefer to see Harm & Mac in London, others would prefer to see them in San Diego, others would like a third option... and there would be different ideas of what viewers would like to see them doing in terms of their careers, etc - some would like to see one partner retiring to support the other (and of course opinions would differ as to which partner 'should' do that), others would like to think they left the military completely, and so on....

I think that no matter which way the writers of a reunion show (or movie) went, and no matter how well they wrote it, they would risk upsetting some fans and 'ruining' their nostalgic memories of the show... which would probably not pay off financially.


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