RADM PJ Masters, Ret. wrote at 2006-07-09 15:05:21
You are correct.  I think this is actually an intelligent method of timekeeping in so much as they are keeping continuity up.  Viewers would likely get confused if they did it by Time Zone.  

Cloudy wrote at 2016-01-05 22:52:54
Other way around, Nancy.  East coast of the USA is normally 5 hours behind Zulu time and only 4 in Daylight Saving because the clock goes forward.  This little saying reminds us which way to turn the clock and works no matter what time zone or hemisphere we're in:


However, the confusion over whether you're less or more hours behind London in Daylight Saving is probably because it depends on whether you are ahead or behind normally.  So:  Washington and Falls Church are normally 5 hours BEHIND but Naples (Italy) is normally 1 hour AHEAD.  Here's another little memory aid to tell you quickly which way to go with Daylight Saving time adjustments:


In maths, if you minus, you end up with less; if you add, you end up with more so that memory aid helps you remember how to work out the adjustment.  In other words, if you're in a zone behind Zulu, you MINUS (subtract) to get to the time where you are but take LESS during Daylight Saving (Summer Time).  In a time zone ahead of Zulu, you ADD to get to the time when you are and add MORE during Daylight Saving (Summer Time).  So, when it's not Daylight Saving and it's midday at Zulu, it's 7am in Falls Church and 1pm in Naples.  In Daylight Saving, when it's midday at Zulu, it's 8am in Falls Church and 2pm in Naples.

Normal time:


7am - Falls Church

12pm - Zulu

1pm - Naples

Daylight Saving:


8am - Falls Church

12pm - Zulu

2pm - Naples


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