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JAG/some what lost


ealtjohnson4 wrote at 2007-04-24 13:06:11
This answer is incorrect.  In the series finale Mac and Harm do get together.  They decide that they will flip a coin to decide who will resign their commission.  As the show is going off the coin is tossed up in the air and it is apparent that wedding plans are eminent.  You are just left not knowing who will take their assignment and who will leave their commission.

Rabb wrote at 2007-04-24 23:02:10
I don't think that is exactly correct. The series ends with them planning a wedding with one of them having to giveup his/her career. They toss the coin to see who gives up and the coin spinning is the end of the series.

MedicOne wrote at 2007-07-17 09:29:40
Actually in the final episode, as they are both packing to leave for their new postings they recognise their feelings for each other & finally decide to marry. At the engagement party in front of all their friends they agree to a coin toss to decide who will give up their career to be with the other. Bud tosses the coin, it goes up & up & up...

Semilogical wrote at 2007-08-16 23:00:10
The answer here is wrong.

Mac and Harm plan to get married and at the very end of the show have decided that one of them will resign their commission so they can be married.  The only thing left up in the air is the JAG coin they used to make the decision.  LCdr. Roberts was given the honor to flip the coin.  The end of the show was when the coin was flipped (slomo) and as it was in the air slowed to a stop showing the coin displaying  JAG.

Harm wrote at 2008-01-05 13:11:19
Actually they do get married in the final episode "Fair Winds and Following Seas" they get assigned to opposite sides of the globe, however, by the toss of a coin they decide who will give up their career to be with the other.

Lovemusic2 wrote at 2009-02-06 10:32:57
Your mistaken, In the final scene of "Fair Winds and Following Seas" the final episode. Mac and Harm flip a coin to determine who will resign their commission.  We just don't know which one had to!  I too wish they would do a tv movie follow up!

HarmandMacFan wrote at 2011-06-30 06:58:36
But that's false. We have no idea what happened to them after the coin toss but the marriage plans were set, it was the details like location that was to be decided.

That was the whole point to the final 8 minutes of the show.  

TexArcanaSC wrote at 2015-08-08 15:42:10
There is NO answer as to which side the coin landed it never landed.  The show ends with a freeze frame of the coin in the air....  The coin never lands before the episode ends.  I believe the writers intended for the viewers to decide for themselves who won the coin toss.  Additionally, I could not tell which side was "heads" or "tails" when Bud displayed the coin...even with pausing the playback.  So who's to say if the final pic of the coin was heads or tails....   Personally, I believe that they go to London as it would be a LOT more exciting that dumb ole "nothing but sun and beaches" San Diego....LOL


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