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Jack Russells/my etty is a Jack Russell maybe labor????


QUESTION: Etty has had 2 litters before 1st had 4 girls, 2nd 2 boy and girl twins. This is her 3rd, My etty has a husband snooper and we have one of her pups from 1st liter kloe. They are a good family and complete our family. well both labors she had her water alrready broke in in the night while asleep so i never got to see her start labor. Well i am thinking she is starting labor cause he is licking her vulva, whining, digging, she wont leave my side, and freaks out if I am too far away from her.  Daddy is trying to help her but she isnt liking him near her. She has been doing this since last night around 7pm, now its the next day and still nothing. How long will this go on cause last 2 times like i said i woke up to wet bed, YUK, but I do have a baby pool for her and she is going in it and digging the towels in it. What do you think?? I am staying up tonight to observe her. Thank you for your thoughts.

ANSWER: She definitely sounds like she is in labor. Get the male dog out of the area, he is making her nervous!!! I NEVER have the males around during birth, it's too stressful on the mom, they aren't like us and need their husbands around for comfort. She would prefer quiet, low light, low stress, no noise and you'll see how much she calms down and has those puppies. All she is thinking about is protecting those puppies from HIM !!!!! Get him out and things will move forward!! Good luck, and definitely stay with her, it's OVER time they are born.

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QUESTION: Thank you, I have moved the pool into my bedroom beside my bed.  The pool is on an ottoman next to my bed so she is right beside me.  I see she follows me around the house and then she goes back to the pool by herself.  I watched her and seen she is taking her teeth gently licking and nibbeling and pulling her lower stomache just below her last nipple. I dont know if she is trying to break her water or what she is doing. Again, thank you very much.

You're welcome Rinda,

You're doing a good job, it shouldn't be too much longer.
You'll know when she is in full labor when she starts panting heavily, and shaking -  then keep her in your room at all times where there is no stress, low lighting and you.  She'll do great!
Good luck!!!

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