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hello what a great find :) my parsons jack is about 5 weeks pregnant (or so we believe). she tied 4 (ish) times with a male over a week so cant see how she isnt. she has a very slight bulge to her abdomen and her ribs have widened. she is usually a very tall slender dog built for speed. she is definately chunkier but we cant seem to feel much or see an obvious pregnant build to her. her behaviour is showing all the signs of pregnancy as she has calmed alot, is ravonous and very baby like. my question i suppose is is it normal not to show outward signs? i keep hearing about pups in ribcage is this right ? even experienced breeders are baffled by her and the vet couldnt tell me either way. thankyou in advance
alison x

Hello Alison,

You're a little bit too early to be feeling any puppies yet, especially if she is a taller dog.  Puppies grow the fastest during the very last week of gestation -  and if you haven't yet, it is now time to start feeding her top brand puppy food; she needs the calories plus it helps in the production of milk, and makes those babies good and strong boned!
If she's pregnant, the first thing you'll probably notice is her nipples becoming pinker and pinker. You can actually squeeze one gently every so often to check for milk. A little drop will come out. Try to relax for the next couple of weeks and don't expect to actually "see" anything until about 7 weeks.  I'm sure you're anxious for the big day, but she's only a little over half way there. Right now those puppies are about the size of walnuts and will continue to grow FAST as the last week approaches.  Very exciting!! Best of luck with her and the puppies!!  

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