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WE have a Jack Russell named Bailey we have has since my son was two years old. He Dementia is getting so bad with peeing and pooping in the house. I have had to put her on a lease and then I try to let her out on the hour and still a lake here and poop here. We love her so much and she is losing wait because she has pulled out three of her own teeth but I still see her as her old self when I come home. I am not sure if I should let her just go and keep on dealing with the mess daily. I feel horrible about thinking of putting her down but we are all near a breaking point.

Do you have any ideas that could help.

Kind regards,


Hello Vince,

My heart goes out to you about Bailey. It's never easy having to make such an enormous decision. I've found it to be comforting to imagine how the dog is feeling and what would she be thinking about all this. What is the quality of her life right now? Even a dog gets sad, embarrassed and uncomfortable when they can't control their bodily functions, knowing that their owners are "disappointed" in them for doing it. They can't say sorry outloud, they just FEEL it, knowing they did it.  She has been trained for years and now this. :(   She is not in control of her own functions and that is when you know it is really time.  I'm sorry.  17 years is actually 126 years old for dogs!! She has lived a very very good and LONG life with you.  You are NOT being mean by considering to humanely euthanize her.  You have done all you can for her for her whole life and this would be just one more final act of kindness. She can go peacefully with you there with her, in your arms,  with dignity.  It's not in our human nature to end a life that has been so special and so meaningful for so long, but you need to try to concentrate on all the wonderful things you've provided for her now and be thankful that you had such a wonderful and loyal friend.
Very best of luck to you and your family. I know it will be hard and sad, but you are doing the right thing. I'm so sorry for your loss. The grief is very real, because she was just so awesome.
Take care  

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