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I have the most gorgeous mini jack who is 8 months old. unfortunately before i had the chance to get her fixed my male pom and her tied. i have been in contact with my vet and he advised that although the situation isn't perfect she should be ok to have the pups. I have since been researching caring for pregnant dogs and have came across so many articles that say tic t she will likely did because she is so young. Is this the case? my partner is at home full time so someone will be with her all the time and my vet is literally 10mins away. i had kept my two dogs apart b ut my 15 year old daughter left the door open. she tied 4 weeks ago today.

Hi Denise,

Some ways to help you determine if she is pregnant or not would be to look for changes in her nipples (are they larger, darker?) Is she either eating more or eating less? Can you (GENTLY) palpate her abdomen and feel anything (like walnuts)? If she's 4 weeks now, it will only be another week or so until she starts getting bigger.  The last two weeks are the rapid growth period for the puppies. If you aren't already feeding her a 5 star highest quality PUPPY food you should start her on that right immediately, and continue to feed her that food until the puppies are completely weaned. That's sad that she is so very young and this happened, did you also forget to neuter your Pomeranian?
It's a good idea to start saving your money because at her age it might be very hard for her to push puppies through her underdeveloped pelvis. A C-section (at least here in the states is around $5000# - and you will need to get the supplies ready in a few weeks like a whelping box, and a safe heating lamp.  When you wean the puppies, make sure you start them on the mushed up puppy food and store bought puppy milk #Esbilac#.  You'll need to keep that in stock for about 3 weeks until they can eat the crunchy food on their own.
You as the responsible breeder, should also prepare to pay for tail docking -if you choose to do that-as well as the first set of vaccinations and the first de-worming at 7 weeks of age, for each puppy. If you don't place the puppies at 8 weeks old #NEVER before 8 weeks# then be prepared to pay for the 2nd set of vaccinations/deworming at 11-12 weeks of age.
I'm glad you are researching pregnant dogs, and make sure you are well versed on how to help deliver the puppies - watch videos, read books, #for example you don't pull the puppy straight out, you have to pull in a downward motion so you don't break their little necks; and how to clear the airways of a puppy that can't breathe).    
Wishing your little baby and yourself the very best of luck!!!!!  Please write again if you need any more help/advice!!  It's scary but if you are well educated and prepared, you will do just fine!! BEST OF LUCK to your baby and yourself!!!

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I own four Jack Russells and I have been working with dogs for 30 years. My personal interest is in helping educate people about the very special qualities of this breed. I advocate education and research of the breed before you buy one, they are wonderful pets if suited with the right person/family. Do your homework first! I can help you determine if you are a good match with this breed. I want people to know also that there are two types of Jack Russells, the Parson hunter with long legs and the Shortie or Russell Terrier and their very distinct differences. I also hope to allay fears about their CRAZY reputations - which is not always the case. ~*~*~*IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ*~*~*~ PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT ENDORSE THE SALE OF ANY JACK RUSSELLS OR JACK RUSSELL PUPPIES THAT MAY BE ADVERTISED ON THIS PAGE. BEWARE OF PUPPY MILLS OR OTHER PLACES THAT SELL MANY DIFFERENT DOGS OVER THE INTERNET. ALSO I DO NOT ENDORSE ANY VIDEOS OR TRAINING TAPES THAT ARE ADVERTISED ON THIS PAGE. I WILL BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU PICK OUT A REPUTABLE TRAINER/VIDEO SERIES OR EVEN PUPPIES IF PRIVATELY ASKED. I DO NOT ENDORSE ANY SALES ADVERTISEMENTS ON THIS PAGE.

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