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I have had a jack russell for about 2 months now that I rescued from a shelter.  It took a while for him to get used to me and my son he growled bit/snipped at us a few times when we first got him. I gave it time for him to get used to us. He got better, for a while but the last two weeks he growls at my son and starting snipping and biting my 6 year old again and he growls at him when he gets close to me I think a lot of it is jealousy. I don't know what to do??

Hi Tina,

It most certainly sounds like jealousy and you can't have that AT ALL.
You need a firm manner with him and have to RE-train him to respect your son
as well as yourself.  The SECOND he growls or tries to snap or bite you have to
REALLY be serious and loudly correct him. NO!!!! and move him out of the way.
It's sad because we don't know the history of a lot of the rescue dogs, maybe he
was in a  house that had a small child that hurt him when he was a puppy, or maybe
he is just obsessive of you and wants you all to himself.  

It may even be necessary to remove him from the room if he continues this behavior.
I wonder how old he is... older dogs are harder to break of this habit.
Consistency is key... you have to correct him EVERY SINGLE TIME he even THINKS
about growling, and especially biting.  He has to learn it absolutely will not
be tolerated.  You may have to go as far as hiring an aggression behaviorist if it
gets worse.  Don't be afraid of him (he can feel it# You HAVE to take the authoritative
position. Jacks will take the lead role if you let them.   

Wishing you the best of luck!!  Be consistent, firm, the boss.  Stop the behavior
before it happens if you can #if you see him thinking about growling, biting...)
You have to try to break the cycle in his brain before he acts upon it.  It will take
time and dedication, but it can work.   If not..... I wouldn't keep an aggressive dog
in my house with children. Period.    

Again, best of luck!  

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