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My JR is 10 years old and I adopted him a few months ago. At the time he had several problems...some digestive, constipation, not eating well, breath that would floor an elephant, holding up one back leg when he ran. Immediately, I had a vet do dental, clearing up the breath, and subsequently started homemaking his food with lean beef, fresh veggies, and rice, and adding water and fiber to every meal. His digestion problems are solved. After researching the back knee issue, I feel sure the kneecap moving in and out of place is his problem. At his age, and low level of affectation so far, I'd like to avoid surgery. Has no brace or support that is easily applied and removed been developed?

Hello Janice,

That was a very kind and honorable thing for you to do, adopting an older animal takes a lot of patience and love.  
The condition you describe is called a Luxating Patella which is unfortunately a common condition in some Jack Russells.  Unfortunately it isn't a condition that is self-correcting and usually requires surgery to correct it.  It's a relatively common surgery and dogs recover quickly (30 days) from it.  At 10 years old, your jack could live another one to eight years.  It will have to be your personal decision whether to move forward with the surgery.
Wrapping the knee works to keep it stationary but will not correct the problem permanently as surgery would. Unfortunately with age and wear, the problem will only get worse unless surgically corrected.  Best of luck with your decision, and again, he and I thank you for your kindness and gift of a home with love and care!

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