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QUESTION: Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Sadie, thats my JRT, came in heat about the second week of March. Then by the end of the month she stopped bleeding. Is this normal? I know she is pregnant because she is about to pop! When she became pregnant did that stop her from bleeding and stop her heat cycle?

ANSWER: Yes Theresa a normal heat cycle generally lasts 2 weeks...
The bleeding stops on it's own regardless if they get pregnant or not, usually after 2 weeks.

Sorry for lateness of this answer, I've been out of town and forgot to change my status to "unavailable".  Take care, good luck.

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Sadies Puppies
Sadies Puppies  
QUESTION: Thank you for answering my question. I was wondering if you could tell me when Sadie might be due to deliver if she became pregnant around the 2nd or 3rd week of March, when would she be due? Her belly seems to be growing daily, lol, and her milk is beginning to come in, but sometimes she has a hard time breathing. Thank you in advance for all your expert advice.
Teresa (TJ) Combs

Hi Theresa,

Gestation for these dogs runs anywhere between 56 and 60 days -
So you should count the days from when she was bred up to 60 days and that will give you
a good idea of when she will be having the pups. If you don't know the exact dates you'll have to keep an eye on her within those time ranges.  You could start to take her temperature (rectally# every day at the same time every day. Normal temps range from 100-102 -  
When her temperature takes a noticeable drop #99 degrees# that is a very good indicator that she will be having the puppies within the next 24 hours.  She will also give you other signs, like "nesting" in her bed #gathering all the covers up). She might stop eating, she might vomit, she may have diarrhea for a day, etc. Heavy panting will occur and then labor will begin. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!  

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