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QUESTION: I adopted a Jack Russell. I got my baby girl from the county pound. I was told she was part terrier and part Jack Russell, well she has to be 99.9% Jack Russell. She is white a few black spots, an under bite, black nose, same hair as a Jack Russell and beautiful blue eyes. Their vet told me she was 2 years old, if she is even a year I would be surprised. I would like to find out for sure how old she is I just don't know how to do that since she was picked up as a stray they had no information. Her teeth are small and very white but I can't find any pictures to compare how thy are suppose to look. She gnaws on my fingers or anything she can. Do you have a way to help me? When she starts to someone she slides on her tummy, is that normal?  I feel someone might have abused her. Thank you Cassie Lewellen

ANSWER: Hi Cassie

Congratulations and thank you for adopting a rescue dog. She sounds beautiful, and I know she's lucky to have you.  
I think your veterinarian will be the best source to find out her approximate age...
They are pretty well educated on being able to pin it down to within 6 months by their teeth.
Sometimes with rescue dogs, you just never know.
They lose their temporary puppy teeth by 6 months old and those are very teeny so it sounds like your dog is definitely older that that.
You're probably right about the abuse, especially if she was found stranded and alone.
It's going to take patience and love to win her trust back, but I don't think you'll mind doing that!
Make sure she has plenty of approved things to chew -  rawhides, rubber bones, etc... if you see any teeth on the floor you'll know she's 6 months or under but I doubt it.  I'd love to see a picture of her if you want to send one!
P.s.:  She is a mix breed because Jacks don't tend to have blue eyes.
Very best of luck!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I would love to send you a picture.  I don't know how to upload one to my computer, but if you will either send me your cell number or go on facebook to my name you could see her.  I am using her picture instead of mine.  Cassie Davis Lewellen.  Let me know because if you see her it might give you more information.  She is so smart, each night when I shower she gets in with me then I have laid a towel on the floor and she will dry herself off all by herself.  I don't like sleeping either animals so she sleeps either in her bed or under mine and when I wake up and say good morning she knows she is allowed to get on the bed with me.  She is so very smart.  But if she is over six months why is she still gnawing on my fingers and toes?   Thank you so much Carol I do hope you will try to see her picture and then let me know what you think. Cassie

Cassie she's very cute, and those eyes!! She looks older than a puppy to me for sure. You need to go back to re-train her (the right way# as if she is 8 weeks old to stop the biting. This will sound silly but you need to OVER-REACT when she bites you as if YOU are an 8 week old puppy and YELP/CRY LOUDLY #high pitched like a puppy# when she bites you, and then walk away and refuse to "play" or interact with her for a few minutes  She should startle and be surprised at your reaction.  What you are doing is teaching her - the way new puppies learn - that biting hurts and is socially unacceptable. As time goes on and the biting lessens, you need to carry little rawhides #USA MADE# with you and when she gnaws on your fingers or toes, pull them away quickly and say NO, but immediately replace the item #fingers, toes, furniture, shoes.. etc) with an "approved" chewy, a rawhide or toy bone. The trade has to happen right away. I hope this helps!!! It's a proved method that I use all the time with my pups and dogs. Very best of luck to both of you!!!!

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Questions on "Jack" Russell Terriers pertaining to their health, well being, general questions on breed, types, size, shape, health, personalities, behavior problems, genetics, so called standard, what to look for when purchasing, and if you would be a good match with this wonderful and unique dog. Too many times, people buy jack puppies because they are absolutely adorable, and then a few months down the road they own this dog that they know nothing about and haven't prepared or trained for. I love the breed and everything about them and hope to provide some help, education and advice to current and prospective owners. I am a veterinary technician, dog trainer and breeder of Jack Russells.


I own four Jack Russells and I have been working with dogs for 30 years. My personal interest is in helping educate people about the very special qualities of this breed. I advocate education and research of the breed before you buy one, they are wonderful pets if suited with the right person/family. Do your homework first! I can help you determine if you are a good match with this breed. I want people to know also that there are two types of Jack Russells, the Parson hunter with long legs and the Shortie or Russell Terrier and their very distinct differences. I also hope to allay fears about their CRAZY reputations - which is not always the case. ~*~*~*IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ*~*~*~ PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT ENDORSE THE SALE OF ANY JACK RUSSELLS OR JACK RUSSELL PUPPIES THAT MAY BE ADVERTISED ON THIS PAGE. BEWARE OF PUPPY MILLS OR OTHER PLACES THAT SELL MANY DIFFERENT DOGS OVER THE INTERNET. ALSO I DO NOT ENDORSE ANY VIDEOS OR TRAINING TAPES THAT ARE ADVERTISED ON THIS PAGE. I WILL BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU PICK OUT A REPUTABLE TRAINER/VIDEO SERIES OR EVEN PUPPIES IF PRIVATELY ASKED. I DO NOT ENDORSE ANY SALES ADVERTISEMENTS ON THIS PAGE.

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