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We are considering rescuing two JRT's.  One is a male under a year old.  The other is a female about 5 months old.  They are in separate foster homes.  Based on the descriptions from their foster parents, they both get along well with other dogs. We have owned Jacks in the past and are familiar with the breed.  Any suggestions or special considerations we should be thinking about.  Thanks.

Hi Larry!

Wow that is amazing that you are rescuing TWO jacks!!!  
I wish I could give you a firm answer that they will be great together, but as is true with ALL dog breeds, some of them JUST DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER.  One of them (probably the male because he's older and is a male....# will be the leader and one of them will be the submissive.  If I were you, I would definitely plan a day or two out with both of them in a public place #dog park, open field# and see how they do together BEFORE YOU COMMIT.  Hopefully they are both neutered/spayed which will calm down on their hormones #especially the male# but if not, please do that first!!
Treat them both equally; give them plenty of exercise, train with a good firm kind hand, love unconditionally and you know #Jacks# will give it all back to you.
If and when you bring them home -  make sure they both come in #any) door together. Which ever one is allowed into the home first will immediately think he/she is the dominant.  YOU and any other humans should always go in first, the dogs then follow you.  
You will know pretty quickly whether they will get along -  let them sniff and explore each other in their doggie way, don't be nervous or they'll feel it, and just observe. Don't commit to either foster family until you are SURE they will tolerate, love and bond with eachother.
Thank you for taking in rescue's -  it's people like you who make a difference!!
Very very best of luck!!!!  

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