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My lad Fitzroy
My lad Fitzroy  

Just come across your site and Fitzy is 6, neutered Parsons Jack Russell (with a bit of something else but mostly Jack)  He has always been in lovely condition but over the summer developed a sore looking skin condition around his tail which spread to his hind quarters, inner back legs.  His hair in that area is rubbed away or rusty coloured.  He "swims" on the carpet.  At first I thought this was cute but then realised he was relieving the itch and he itches/sucks himself a lot when it's at it's worst  He had his anal glands expressed twice in quick succession last month and has been on two courses of antibiotics and steroids. I think we're over the worst but I want to get on top of this and get him back to his previous condition. His skin is still raw on his lower abdomen back legs.  I don't want to go back to the vet as I don't feel I'm getting any answers.  If you have any thoughts particularly about allergy/diet I'd be interested.  Thank you

Hello Helen,
You seem right on top of things with regard to Fitzy's condition.  I'm sure I can't add to his veterinary advice but I can give you my thoughts and opinions.  There are many many reasons for allergies out there, and unfortunately Jack Russells are prone to them.  You have done everything you were supposed to do by first having the anal glands taken care of in case he was rubbing himself on the carpet to relieve the feeling of being impacted or itchy.  This might have started a snow ball effect. Contact dermatitis is caused by the skin being rubbed or in contact with some material that the dog is allergic to -  it could be the fibers in the carpet, it could be the shampoo used on the carpet? It could even be the laundry detergent used on his blanket and bed. Try changing brands to a non allergen type and see if that helps.
Another allergen is WHEAT and other additives in commercial dog food. Here in the states, many dog foods use wheat as a filler product in the food. Wheat is a high allergen.  You didn't mention if there is wheat or corn filler in  his diet or not;  Again Jack Russells are prone to food allergies as well.  Start with a GRAIN FREE dog food and see if it makes any difference;  if he still has a problem, you will have to start eliminating each ingredient from his diet until you find the culprit that is bothering him. Try beef, try chicken, try duck and potato -  Eventually one of those foods will be tolerated. It's a very slow process but you are on the right track.  He is beautiful, I love the pictures! Good luck!  

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