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My daughter had a 1 yr old Jack Russell Terrier. I'm not sure specifically which type, and there might be another breed mixed in. She was great with my grandchildren; my 3 yr old would play with her all day. When she didn't, the dog would look for her. She somehow got lost about 6 months ago. A reward was offered, but after a month my daughter got another dog (don't know type). Of course, that's when Isabella (the Jack Russell) was found. They kept both dogs for a couple months, but finally decided 2 dogs was too much for the household. They sold the other dog a couple weeks ago. Isabella was fine for a few days, but then started acting sad. She quit eating and rarely drank water. The day they were taking her to the vet, she died. My daughter feels terribly guilty. We all had told her that while depressed, we didn't think Isabella would let it continue to the point of death, but that she still should get her to the vet. Isabella had absolutely no symptoms of anything else. Is it your opinion that her death was caused by depression? If so, what would a vet have been able to do for it? Thanks for your time.

Hi Ed,
I am SO sorry about Isabella. Your daughter, and your family must be devastated. It is unbelievable the way things happen sometimes.
Dogs can die from depression, although it is pretty rare.  The number one cause of depression in dogs is losing their other dog, or losing their owner.  I don't know how many days she went without eating or drinking but anything over a couple of days is long enough to wait before taking her to the vet.
Did you try giving her extra attention, taking her out, changing the scenery, special treats etc.?
Do you know if for the six months that she was missing, did she have another dog companion during that time?
Truthfully Isabella may have thought the other dog was coming back and when that didn't happen, she got very sad. If she hadn't drank any water in 3 days, she could have died from dehydration, water is crucial.
Food is even less important than water....
You said there were no other symptoms of illness (vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, crying, etc) -
and unless a veterinarian does an autopsy, you will unfortunately never know what happened (bad heart?).
It is possible for dogs to die from depression, but it could be some underlying medical cause that you just didn't know about.  Dogs with depression are treated the same way we are, with antidepressants.
I hope your daughter isn't too hard on herself, it's just the way life is sometimes, she shouldn't blame herself.  Best of luck and love to all of your family members over this sad sad tragedy. Please forgive the delay in writing, I am dealing with an elderly father right now and got to this as soon as I could.
Take care.  

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