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My Female Jack Russell Terrier, gets very angry with my Labordor for no reason.  They both go at each other and have taken blood from each other.
It is almost like the Terrier gets angry just because the Labordor female comes into the same room for no good reason.  
Both dogs have gotten along great and sleep together, eat together, play together, clean them selves.  BUT, LATELY THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN THREE TIMES PER WEEK AND NOW ALMOST EVERY DAY.

Terrier is in heat and could this be the problem?

Hello Gloria and thank you for your questions,

Jack russell terriers can be savage with other dogs paticularly dogs of the same sex or simaler breeds. I have a  jack russell terrier /a labrador retreiver and a boston terreir, the russell is male neutered, the lab is female spayed the boston is female but just a puppy. Heat cycles in dogs seem to make them more cuddley with other dogs not mean at lest in my experiance before having my lab spayed. My lab and russell wreasle mad sometiems like what you are saying your two do but mine have never drawn blood, the jack russell swing s from my labs neck some times and shakes when other times my lab pick him up and flips him over(domancae issues... belive it or not out of these dogs the male JRT is the boss!) Perhpas over the last little while they wre playing and the lab tryed to take over the role of 'boss' in the household but the jack russell wouldnt have it and they got into a bitter fight(the lab would win because like I said when my lab gets mad she picks the jack russell up and flips him over) and now your JRT is just plain mad at the labrador ret. THe only thing I can think of to do which doesnt invole rehoming one of the dogs is to be sure they have each a different food and water bowl, each tehre own toys, try not to give them rawhides or knuckles in the same room, scold the JRT when she does this to the lab by either yelling at her and then putting her in her crate or saying NO and putting her in a different room, you could always leave her in the same room with the lab and yourself and after you've told the JRT not to do this and have gotten her to leave the lab alone bring the lab over to you and pet her, show the little dog she isnt going to harm you(could be protective issuses over you or other family members as well) and pet the little dog as well, If you can't get this to work you will have to remove one of the dogs from your home and rtehome her into another loving home... they can't go on tearing each other apart for the rest of there lives... or worse, If the lab was to really get mad at the jack russell terrier she could kill it in seconds so please be careful with these steps to trying to get them together as friends again. Female jack russells are noted for having violent fights with other female jack russells I guess they don't like other female dogs period, With jack russell terriers one isnt supposed to even have more then one male and one female that have full contact with each other everyday as two males tend to fight and two females mean disater.... multiple males/females wouldnt be a pretty sight when one gets mad. Spaying the dog(s) might help as well, if she feels rhreated by the other female when in heat.... which I'm not sure why she would she would be aggressive... heat cycles last only 2 1/2 to 3 weeks however if its been longer then that this isnt the problem. Spaying cuts on aggression caused by frusteration of heat cycles and not being able to find a male, therefore it reduces agression alot. I havent noticed a big difference in my males temper since i had him neutered thou but since unneutered males are genrally quite agressive in any breed I'd hate to see how rough he'd play if he wasnt 'fixed'.

I hope this helps, I'd love to hear how this works or if it works, feel free to email anytime(ps: sorry for the spelling errors... so my questions so little time ;)

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