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Jack Russells/My Jack Russell Terrier Sadie


crazyjack wrote at 2006-12-20 05:17:04
Nice grammar, really shows your intelligence.

Karin wrote at 2014-03-09 01:02:08
Jack Russell Terriers NEVER get along with another dog of the same sex!! Its well documented with this breed.  NEVER leave the two of them alone. Jack Russell's are ruthless and never give up.  They will fight to the death!! I know because I have two female dogs and have to rehome the JRT due to aggression.

Jack Russells

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I can answer questions regarding; If A Jack Russell Terrier aka the Parson Russell Terrier would be the right fit for your household, Grooming all hair types of the JRT(including bathing, teeth cleaning & brushing), What they are like to live with, There temperment, How they are with other dogs and children, Feeding(types of foods, food brands and can reccomend quaility foods for your dog), Treat types/brands how much and when or if they should be given, Toys and toy selction for JRT's and other dogs, Leash training, pulling, leash and collar types and which would work best for your dog(also if a harness or head collar would work for your dog and reccomend brands of those products). Vaccines which should be given to a puppy the first year and which are reccomended if your dog goes to lakes and camping ect. Heart worm pervention and how offen deworming should be done. Spaying/Neutering your dog, Reproduction. *Dealing with a dog that has Alergies(treamtments ussally given for such problems, what can help at home, what you can feed to a dog with allergies, And day to day care of a dog with allergies


I own a Female Labrador Retriever and a Male Jack Russell Terrier & a Boston Terrier, My Jack russell terrier has allergies, My JRT allgery's kick up two/three times a year are requires vet care dring those times with pills/creams/shampoo's diet changes ect.

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