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Jack Russells/hair loss in jack russels


Laura wrote at 2006-10-11 04:24:10
When I got my Jack- Zoe I did some reading and these are my suggestions. Minimise carbs, and keep them away from beef( as little as possible if any). One of the best proteins for them is lamb or fish, the fat from this type of protein really helps their skin and coat to be healthy. Keep in mind "What would they have eaten in the wild?" they wouldnt take on a cow? would they! Sometimes we need to keep it simple, and there are food that are natural-mininal preservative/carbs fillers. Once they become allergy free the hair loss doesnt go away totally totally jacks molt all year round it just the quanity that varies!!Sorry to say  

Nonie wrote at 2014-11-12 17:32:28
I have a 14 yr. old Jack that has has the same problem with allergies. Benadryl does help somewhat with itching, but after specialist, different meds. And shampoos, we finally came to the conclusion that all we can do is to make her as comfortable as we possibly can. If I notice her starting to itch, I will put a little cortisone cream on the itchy spot. It seems to help quite a bit. I hope this helps you with your precious pup. 🐶

MOLLYMOO wrote at 2015-12-15 16:48:38
My 8 year old Jack Russell "Molly" had suffered for years the vet at the time said she was allergic to meat so she was on a fish based diet for 5 years. so we took her to another vet who did a blood test. which came up that she was allergic to dust mite, wheat. rice, and soya, which the fish food was full of,she was on steriods most of the time . since we changed her diet she only gets occasional flair up. mainly dust mite faults .

try to get a blood test , then you know which way you are going . the test was only 145 for two tests. good luck

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