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Anita M Bailey wrote at 2011-02-15 11:21:29
Hi, MJ Fan

Great to hear from you. Thanks for your questions.

That was so wonderful that you shared in Michael's return to Gary, Indiana in 2003! I was blessed to attend the Gary, Indiana Memorial Celebration and Dedication in 2010. I got there late so I missed the actual dedication. It was much better than attending the memorial celebration in Los Angeles; more intimate and personal. I saw Donte and Jermajesty, Randy's and Jermaine's sons.

I even took a picture with Michael's 1st cousin Keith Jackson, whose band The Triple Dose performed at the event. He was so nice. I danced to Michael's music for more than 4 hours straight in 100 degrees heat! Even though I was exhausted and couldn't walk afterwards, I was just so happy to be there.  

Fans were not allowed to go inside, but from the outside, you can tell, it was not a large house. The back yard is just like the pictures you see online of Michael playing basketball with his brothers. The baseball field that Michael often spoke about is adjacent to the house. Michael shared many times how he wanted to go outside and play on the field with the other kids instead of rehearsing.

What really touched my heart was learning the name of Momma Katherine's travel companion. I always wondered who took care of Momma Katherine when she traveled. Her name was Ms. Christmas. I kid you not. The second moment that touched my heart was when I spoke to a former resident who remembers how the kids around the neighborhood would gather outside listening to Michael and his brothers rehearsing. He reconfirmed how some of kids did mock Michael and his brothers and would tell them they were not going to be anything. And it is true. He said that Michael and his brothers and sisters were not allowed to hang outside too often nor socialize with the neighborhood kids.

In answer to your question, The "old looking man" (lol), is Michael's cousin Elijah Jackson. He is the grandson of Lawrence Jackson, Joe Jackson's brother, who is Michael's uncle. The young man who talked about the new daze craze he created, is Karen Faye's son, Michael's hair and makeup stylist. That was Karen Faye sitting next to her son in the limo.

Hope this helps. Have A Blessed Day!

rehtaeHKO wrote at 2014-01-16 22:00:28
To follow up that answer, i was the guy explaining the dance. I am not Karen Faye's son however.:-)

rehtaehko wrote at 2014-01-30 15:09:07
It was me. Not lame. Just goofing off. We all were. Hope you have a great day.

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