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Jackson, Michael/Neverland Fire Department patch


There is a fire department uniform shoulder patch being sold on ebay for $400.  I do not know if it is real and being nearly an expert in this field I cannot tell if this was really used at the Neverland Fire Department.  The bidding will end in 1-2 days.  Could you take a look and let me know.  My collection is going into a fire museum here in Oregon and I really need to know about this one if possible.


Hello, thank you for contacting, AllExperts "Michael Jackson."

Since Michael's passing, there have been many duplication and replication of Neverland Valley items, including the Fire Department. I have never seen the fire uniform with that shoulder patch that I believe you are inquiring about. I would need a photo/link to auction to confirm.

The first thing that is alarming and popping out at me is the price of the patch. $400 does not seem very realistic today, especially if there is no background or history on how the item was obtained. For that price, I would think there needs to be a COA/written confirmation or a photo from someone who worked at Neverland.  

An authentic one, or the most likely to be authentic, could be this one below posted by a firefighter who claims to have worked at Neverland previously shortly after Michael's death.

This looks very quality, detailed which Michael always insisted on.

I feel that the "fake" ones, or ones to avoid, compared to the one above, would look like below:

Notice the patch is NOT detailed or exhibiting the quality he demanded. Look at the toes, the face, the pants leg - plus one has a different color background, etc.

If you see items from BEFORE Michael's death in 2009, most of the uniform's and truck decor consisted of the Neverland Logo, like this:

Here is a safety uniform patch (non Fire Department?) that was used at Neverland as well:

My opinion is to find one like the first link above, the detailed patch, if you want one for your museum and pay under $100 after careful consideration of who you are purchasing it from and it's history.  The fire department was very small and they probably did not make too many of them originally.

Good Luck!  

Jackson, Michael

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