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Hi Christine Michele

I am from Copenhagen,and I have used this forum a lot because of my fascination by Michael Jackson...
I have these questions for you...
The 3 bodyguards were going to publish a book about MJ..they were going to call their book "In Defense Of The King"..Do you know what happens to this book???

The Jacksons are touring for the first time in U.S. in nearly 30 years..but where is Randy??..and the music places they are playing at are they famous??,and is the tour a big success so far??

Last but not least..where are all MJs
stage clothes today?? have his children inherited it, or what??

Thank you so much for taking your time..

sincerely, BK

Hello Birgit-Karen,

Thank you for your questions.

The 3 Body-Guards have mentioned on their Facebook page (which is now defunct) a while ago that they have run into a roadblock in trying to present Michael Jackson in a positive light in their book. At the time they exclaimed that they were not successful in finding a publisher who would release it. As of today, they have not yet published the book and have lost many of the followers that they had when it seemed as if they were defending Conrad Murray during the trial. So at this time, the book does not seem to be happening.

The Jackson's Unity Tour involves Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine. Randy has not been involved in the other Jackson projects over the past three years, to include the Jackson's A Family Dynasty and the Jackson's Tribute Show in Cardiff.  Randy has chosen to stay out of the limelight, but he has been vocal in his opposition to his family's involvement with certain things. He has come out to visit fans on the June 25th anniversary at Forest Lawn every year for the past three years.

The Jackson's Unity Tour is a 16 city tour and they are playing at small, intimate venues like the famous Apollo Theater in New York City; Chastain Park in Atlanta; and the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, an outdoor amphitheater where Janet played last fall and Michael had attended previous concerts.

Although the tour is still ongoing, the tour is receiving positive reviews from concert-goers who come with the expectation and understanding that they are not trying to replace Michael, but honor him by doing their thing which is sing and dance to Jackson 5, Jackson's and Michael Jackson music. I am going to the show this week. I am excited to attend.

MJ's Stage Clothes, of which there are many, including duplicates and prototypes are in various locations around the world. Some have been donated by Michael, some have been sold in auctions, many others are in museums or in traveling exhibits, and others are owned by collectors who are displaying them or have them in safe keeping in storage. Whatever was in his possession at the time of his death would still be considered his or now his Estate's -- that would include the items from the Michael Jackson Exhibition that traveled to the O2 in 2009-2010 and Japan in 2010. They were also displayed at the Fan Fest in Las Vegas.  Many of Michael's tour clothes designed by Michael Bush were autographed ALL MY LOVE Michael Jackson, which makes me think that he gifted these to Michael Bush.  I do not think Michael would autograph his personal possessions that he intended to keep.  Shortly before his death, he had loaned tour clothing to the Grammy Museum for their exhibition. These were not autographed.

If the children want something that is not already considered to still be in the possession of Michael, then they would probably be like us, they would have to purchase it. Michael Jackson was one of the biggest collector of his own items. He is notorious for trading with MJ fans for items that he collected, including Jackson 5 stuff and Shirley Temple and Disney items.

I hope that I answered your questions satisfactorily! Have a great day!  

Jackson, Michael

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I have been interested in all things Michael Jackson since 1979. The first album I ever bought with my own money was Off the Wall. He introduced me to the idea of loving music. I was a freshman in HS when I saw him Moonwalk at the Motown 25 show on TV. I lived through the Thriller/Bad era's in my teen/early adult years. As the years went on, I still appreciated Michael's music -- all the way through Invincible. His music was/is the soundtrack of my life. After the music hooked me, I learned more about the man behind the music. After learning about the man, I understood the music and how autobiographical it is. I want to share my knowledge with others and learn as much as I can about him.


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