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I am concerned about Michael's Paris. She has twitter account,takin photos of herself,and liking crap music. I mean MJ didnt appreciate these soc.networks - hed be very dissappointed in her and worried cause ppl can take advantage of her cyber bully her. Well she seems a tomboy and very independent-which I possess as a pers. trait and happy to know she is strong. but shes Michael Jackson's daughter after all.whatever she tells us that shes normal ppl know her as being the MJ daughter. and about the photos..shes like every other cliche teenager,i thought shed be different,Michael was different.shed didnt hav the confidence to take photos of himself and share them with the world. I thought Paris would be beyond that.
and about the crappy music I mean hip hop RNB - all are illuminati full of sex nudity vulgarity and curse..how can she like that.MJ appreciated these styles but b4 the crappy artists came along. not to mention they are all illuminati and Paris is completely aware of that.maybe I judge her wrong.maybe is that. but somehow this is a turnoff for me...:((
what do you think about that? do you have any proof that shes not what I described her to be? I like her and all...but yet again if Mike was alive I hardly believe shed do that..not that MJ would control her but rather influence her with his views on twitter,and this behaviour!
and is she that tall, 5'8?
have u a pic of her and la toya next to each other,no heels?to see if shes grown that much?
Thanks for reading my 'novel' :D
please understand me.

I apologize for this incredibly late reply, I honestly had no idea a question was waiting for me! Usually I do not get many questions on my Michael Jackson account. So thank you very much for sending me a question. :)
I do not think you should be concerned about Paris. Michael always said she was the strongest out of all of the family. He once said she was not afraid of anyone. Yes, she does like rap music but she is a teenager after all. She loves her fathers music and it's deep within her soul, but teenagers are going to venture off and always try different things. Of course Michael would hate the fact she is on Twitter, Facebook, etc. but she is just trying to live a normal life. If he was still here, she would not be on these social networks, but her grandmother is too old to control these things, or even know about them.
I believe when Paris is old enough she will turn her dad's estate into what it should be. It is so wrong today, with them releasing fake songs and albums, I believe Paris will do great things. She is incredibly intelligent, and she says she "remembers everything" her father told her, including Illuminati and everything.
She is only 14, with a lifestyle completely different than anyone else's, she is just trying to find herself and be unique. She will always be identified Michael Jackson's only daughter, and because she has his blood, genes, and views she will grow up to be a beautiful and intelligent woman with a huge heart. She is being raised by MJ's mother, after all, and look how amazing Michael turned out to be. :)
Yes, she is very tall. Her mother is a tall and striking woman. Some of Michael's brothers are very, very tall, so I think Paris got the tall Jackson gene.
I hope I answered your question! Please don't hesitate to ask any other questions and I promise I will respond quickly this time since I now check my Jackson account. :-)
Happy Holidays!

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