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Hi Anita - This is purely speculation. I have read Frank Cascio's book and two of LaToya's books. There seems to be a lot of seedy individuals in the entertainment industry that were involved with the Jackson family, specifically with Italian names. Like Cascio, Dileo, Branca etc. In her 2nd book, LaToya mentions that her ex-husband Jack Gordon used to hang out with mafia types. Then there's the theory that someone was trying to assassinate Michael. Plus he was in debt (well he had assets, but he was cash poor at the time of his death). Do you think he was taken out because he owed money to the mafia? In the Cascio book he mentions that his family sort of "adopted" Michael and MJ even hired Frank C. I wonder if he got so involved with the Cascio's because they were offering "mafia family" protection and at some point he fell out with the Cascio family, thus he lost his protection and "the hit" was finally carried out. This theory came to mind while reading Frank Cascio's book because he seems like such a sleezy, underhanded, opportunist. Why would MJ continue to have dealings with the guy over so many years unless MJ was afraid for life and needed mafia protection by associating himself with a powerful Italian family.

Hi, Angela

Thank you for your questions. It's nice to meet you on the forum. I apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiries.

Your theory is interesting, but it doesn't apply to Michael's death nor financial status.
First, It's stereotypical to assume that those with Italian names are all involved with the Mafia. And believe it or not. Branca, for example, has German, French, Swiss and Irish origins! Second, Michael would not knowingly deal with anyone who was involved with the Mafia. Michael knew that such dealings or associations would be detrimental to his career. He was not going to risk that. Furthermore, Michael didn't want to have anything to do with any "shady" deals. It was enough that his father, Joe Jackson, was always trying to capitalize on his name and fame by committing him to projects he didn't agree to nor was really interested in.

Third, If there was a "hit" out on Michael, trust me, with him being such a visible, public figure, the Mafia could have been taken his life. No paid protection in the world would have kept Michael safe. Fourth, Frank and his family are Michael's friends. The fact that they never told anyone about their relationship with him until after he passed, shows their honesty and integrity, but most of all their loyalty to Michael. I didn't agree with everything he shared in his book, but nevertheless, I appreciated that someone who really loved, cared and knew Michael gave us a glimpse in his life and stood up for him. He only reconfirmed for me what I already knew and believed about Michael.

I hope this helps. Have A Blessed Day!  

Jackson, Michael

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