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How much is an The Jacksons autograph worth signed in 2013 ? :))

Hi Emily,
Thank you for your question. Regarding the Jacksons autograph, can you please be more specific, such as which autographs you have, is Michael Jackson's autograph included? If so, it will make it worth much more money. What is the autograph printed on? (Picture, paper, shirt)?
And you can always check on Ebay to find how much the autographs are worth there.
Thank you and have a great day.

Jackson, Michael

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I am able to answer almost anything relating to Michael Jackson. This would include his career from the Jackson 5 to solo career, his music, dancing, movies, short-films, books, spiritual beliefs, the trials, etc. I consider myself an expert on how he was framed during the trials and why he is innocent. I am able to answer questions involving which songs he wrote (there are hundreds upon hundreds), including unreleased and rare songs. I can answer questions about his life; such as his favorite things, his inspirations, etc.


I have been a super-fan my entire life. I grew up in a Michael Jackson household. I have spent my life researching him and learning everything about him. I know all of his albums, songs, videos, performances, awards, concerts, interviews, etc. I have been to various Michael Jackson landmarks including his home for 23 years in Encino, Neverland, Forest Lawn, his recording studios, the location of several music videos, and other landmarks. I am proud to say I have turned several non-fans into fans just by providing them the correct information about Michael Jackson.

My education is through Michael himself. I have watched all of his interviews, read his books, saw documentaries, and have been to Encino & Neverland where he spent years of his life.

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