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Hi Anita,how are you?

I am a huge fan of Michael and I have been reading some of your posts recently. Thanks for your insightful information and empathy.
I have noticed that some of your replies seem to contradict each other and I was just wondering if you could clarify...there are replies in which you state explicitly that Shana Mangatal was not Michael's girlfriend but just a friend, whereas in another reply you call her his girlfriend.
Similarly at least one of your replies with regards to Joanna Thomae states that she was just a fan who followed him around and that her pictures with him are photo-shopped, whereas in another reply you say you don't know what went on between them. In one post you say Michael had many female "companions" in his life, but not so much "girlfriends" and you make a clear distinction between the two. Yet in another reply you say that Michael had many girlfriends...

So I am a bit confused. Please could you clarify these?

Also, could I ask where you get your information about Michael? I am not asking for a specific source, just what kind of sources you have.

Thanks again,

Hi, Lilly

Nice to see you on the forum. My humblest apologies for responding to you beyond an unacceptable period of time.

You asked some great questions. Please let me clarify. I do hope you are not confusing my posts with any of the other experts.

Michael had female companions. When I use the word "girlfriend", I meant companions. Michael never committed to any of his female companions such that they could declare they were his "girlfriend" or that they were in a long term relationship with him or that it was serious. Trust me. Michael was not looking to commit to anyone simply because of 1) He didn't trust most people let alone women; 2) He was looking for a certain type of woman that definitely embodied the heart, soul, spirit of his mother, which he had not found and inspite of him choosing women that were to the contrary; 3) His career and children were a priority.

My information about Michael comes from hours and hours of research and fact checking including contacting people who knew Michael and visiting places Michael lived or frequent. Most of the time, I am on point. I make sure, when I can, I am in the thick of things so I can get a firsthand account of any events and news about Michael. That's why it was so important for me to cover the Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson Murder Trial. I was honored and humbled being one of the few media people selected to sit in the courtroom with The Jackson Family. So I go the extra because I take being a Michael Jackson expert very seriously. Anything I can do to vindicate him, I'm willing to do.

I hope this helps. Have A Blessed Day!

Jackson, Michael

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