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She said in an interview with Oprah that Mike lied about his nose jobs cause he was embarrassed or insecure to tell how many he's had. Is this true??

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First of all, Michael didn't lie. The subject of his choose to have plastic surgery was personal for him. It really is no one's business since he had plastic surgery for medical reasons. His medical history is a private matter. And yes. He was embarrassed, insecure and sensitive about his nose and overall appearance. People fail to realize Michael struggled with being a performer in the public eye whose appearance was contrary to the GIGANTIC GIFT he was to the world.

He was an African American man who due to a skin disease called Vitiligo now appears as a Caucasian man with red splotches and scaly skin. Michael jokingly and sadly referred to himself in private as a white lizard. And due to the famous Pepsi accident he had, his scalp was scarred. He could never go out in public with his head uncovered ever again. Although, he had some restored hair growth and several skin graphs, that area of his scalp was completely damaged. His hair was never going to grow back, hence the need for the wigs. In addition, his scalp was affected by the Vitiligo. Now you tell me who would want to be that honest about such personal struggles, when we live in a world that judges you by the color of your skin, by your outer appearance and not by the content of your character nor your heart?

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