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I have seen photographs of the entrance to neverland with the big arch with the word neverland written onto it and the huge gates, where is that gate now?? I have looked on google maps and can only find a little wooden gate with security there, was the fancy gate replaced by the wooden gate?? I know things have changed in the ranch but I cant find anywere what happened to the proper gate.

Hi Jamie!
Thank you so much for your question.
Yes, you are correct, on google maps the entrance to Neverland is a small wooden gate with security there. It has always been like this, even when Michael was still living there. The famous Neverland sign is actually the main entrance to his mansion, which is the gate that fans do not have access to right now. This was miles past the entrance you see on google maps, where fans can go.
This sign was taken down after his death and placed in a few museums around the USA. Most recently and famously at a Michael Jackson Fan Fest in Las Vegas. I'm not sure where it is going next. Maybe one day, Neverland will be turned into a museum like Graceland, but no one really knows. As of now, I believe it is still in Vegas for the fan fast revolving around the Michael Jackson "One" show.
I hope this answers your question! And if you ever are near Los Olivos, California, I would definitely recommend stopping by Neverland. It is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.
If you have anymore questions, please let me know! Thank you so much.



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