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How are you?
I hope you can answer a few questions on Michael and Beyonce. I was wondering what he thought of her,what he said about her,how he felt about her.
Also..I dislike her cause I believe she is connected to the illuminati and so fake,she never defended Mike on the allegations 2003,but when he was aquitted she was all over Michael fan again...she so desperately tries to become a legend and imitate him.i can quite detect it.anyways...let me know what you think
thanks :)

Hi, Emanuela

Happy New Year! It has been awhile. Hope all is well.

First, I don't believe in the illuminati. Second, I wouldn't be so hard on Beyonce. Beyonce has been the subject of undue criticism just like Michael. She really is a great talent. She works hard at what she does. She always credits Michael as being the greatest influence on her life and career. She was supportive of him during the allegations. She continues to pay tribute to him in her music and concerts. Michael was interested in Beyonce, but they did not have a romantic relationship. They were just friends and colleagues in the music industry. They respected each other's talent immensely. Imitation is the greatest flattery.

Have A Blessed Day! Keep Michaeling!

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