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Was Michael Jackson gay? He didn't seem very straight to me.

Hi, Molly

How are you? So glad to hear from you. Thank you for your question?

"He didn't seem very straight" So what does "straight" look or feel like? Michael was not gay. He was heterosexual. Just because a man has a sweet, kind and shy demeanor, doesn't mean they are gay. There was nothing gay about Michael. And it is just funny how the world wanted Michael to admit to something he was not. Again Hollywood has made it a trend..a fad..to "Come out of the closet" For what? That is not anything to celebrate. Your sexuality is your private business.

For years and even now in death, he had to continue to defend his sexuality. Why? He said he was not gay on numerous occasions. If he was gay, there would have been proven evidence of his gay lifestyle. Again, critics and victims tried to prove he was and couldn't. Again the motive being greed, people tried to blackmail Michael claiming they had proof and pictures of his gay lifestyle and they came up empty every time. No photos, no evidence, no ex boyfriends or lovers speaking about their relationship with Michael.

What is unfortunate is that Michael didn't find a woman that would really love, understand and appreciate him in this life.

Hope this helps. Have A Blessed Day! Keep Michaeling.

Jackson, Michael

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