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Hello :)

I have about the Black or White music video in school.
I have about the symbolism.
I just wonder what is you opinion about it.
And what does "no more wet backs", "nigger  go home" and "hitler lives" mean? and why does he use it in the video ?

Hope you can answer! <3

Hi, Helene

Happy New Year. Hope all is well. Thank you for your question.

When I think about Michael's Black and White music video with the extended Panther Dance it makes me angry and sad. Why? Because critics missed the whole point of Michael's message. He was made to compromise his creative freedom when he had to change the lyrics in his music simply because a few social and religious groups were offended. I've never heard of anyone in the music industry being forced to change their lyrics because someone was offended. I mean, in that case, alot of rappers should be forced to change their lyrics! These interest groups took his lyrics and his performance out of context. Honestly, These groups used Michael as a scapegoat to fuse their agenda and haters found another reasons to hate Michael and his music. But mostly, the media used the criticism to once again bash Michael without cause.  

Michael was really hurt and disappointed at the unwarranted backlash he received over the video. The message behind the Black and White video was very special to Michael because he had experienced prejudice and discrimination himself. You have a African American young boy growing up during the Civil Rights Movement, who although, he was becoming famous, still was not allowed to perform in certain venues because he was Black. You have a African American young man who grows up and is diagnosed with Vitiligo in 82/83, a skin disease that now has him looking like a White person. And the world without mercy mocked his condition.

Michael was addressing the issues of prejudice and discrimination through his music and dance. The panther symbolizes freedom, power, strength, ferocity and valor. (Hence Michael's way of saying I am taking a stand against prejudice and discrimination and you should too!)

The lyrics brought attention to the different derogatory names that ethnic and racial groups often refer to one another as. He was trying to show how angry he was about prejudice and discrimination in the world (Hence the intensity and sexuality of his dance moves. His disdain for prejudice and discrimination is just as intense has someone making love.)

He was saying, "Listen, to the words we call each other. It's not right. I will not tolerate it and you shouldn't either. We need to bring an end to prejudice and discrimination (Hence the smashing of the car windows). We need to come together as one. We need to break down racial, ethnic and religious barriers."

THAT IS THE TRUE MEANING OF HIS BLACK AND WHITE VIDEO AND PANTHER DANCE! I can go into more details about the symbolism but space and time does not allow me to. But what I have tried to share, I hope you get the point and will share with others. To take it any other way, is to be closed and narrow-minded. And you have to really know and understand Michael's heart. He simply was about love and bringing attention to all the injustices in the world.

Have A Blessed Day! Keep Michaeling!

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