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Jackson, Michael/Did Michael Jackson want a woman who was like him?


Hi, I have a question about the kind of woman Michael wanted. Did Michael want a woman who was like him, a kid at heart?

Hi, Macy

Thank you for your question. Please forgive me for the late reply. I have not been on the forum for awhile. So what a pleasant surprise to get your inquiry.

Michael wanted a woman who was like his Mother, Mama Katherine. Someone who was kind, warm, giving, strong and loved him unconditionally. Of course, he wanted a woman who was beautiful inside out. He wanted a woman who understood his lifestyle being that he was famous and popular and could handle the demands of being his wife.

It was not really easy for him to find the right woman, especially one he could trust. He didn't want to go through all the drama he saw his brothers go through in their relationships. Yes. He dated but whenever he got serious about someone, the bottom line they really couldn't handle their privacy being invaded by the media and before the public, so it never lasted.

In addition, Michael was not a nine to five type man nor would he be that type of husband. His career, fans and his humanitarian efforts were very important to him. So he needed a woman that understood and accepted that. He also needed a woman that would give him balance as well as be able to take care of the home and definitely someone who wanted to build a family with him. He needed someone who would be honest with him and stand their ground with him, when he was wrong or they didn't like something he said or did. He needed a woman that could relate to him on a simple human level and not just look at him as a fan, groupie or hanger on.

Now he was interested in Lisa Marie because he figured with her growing up in the public eye being the daughter of Elvis Presley, she would better understand him and they could relate. Unfortunately, she was not the best choice for him either so his heart was broken.

I really wish he had found the right woman that would have loved him. I believe his life would have turned out different in his later years, if he was married and had a wife that supported him and provided him with a happy, stable, family life.  

Jackson, Michael

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