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mr howard i hope u r well and thanks for your help you have saved a lot of peapel alot. ihave a 90 xj6 with no fire going to injecters so i have no spray so what trigger the injectors. whera would the problem bee guy ran thru water drove home next day no start have fuel pressur fire but injectors not spraying no fire going to injectors please help thanks.///jim///

Sorry James, I have no experience nor info on any Jaguar after the 1987 models.

However, all electronic injection systems seem to operate in the same manner. They power the injectors either through a resister pack or direct and the computer, ECU or ECM grounds the injectors to make them pulse. The grounding of the injectors is triggered by the ignition system and all of the sensors control the time the injectors are open measured in milliseconds. This controls mixture.

The injector pulse can be tested with a "Noid" light available at most auto parts stores and is usually very inexpensive.

In a case where you went into deep water you should first test for spark in the ignition system because if you have no ignition you will have not injection.

Other then that you need to look at the profile of each tech to try to locate a tech for later model Jaguars. I believe the 90 models had Ford electronics in it.


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