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Dave wrote at 2012-11-29 18:57:13
So I did another compression test this morning when the engine was cold(75deg F).  Starting with #1(back) 140, 140, 130, 135, 125, 115.  Oil pressure is good but none of the cylinders got up to the 150-170psi that you spoke of.  The so called "rebuilder" seems like a hack to me so how deep into the engine he went with his rebuild is questionable at best.  

Additional info...

75deg F

TTS          221 Ohms

Gauge Temp Sensor         7,620 Ohms

Computer water Temp Sensor 2069 Ohms

195deg F

TTS          223 Ohms

Gauge Temp Sensor          309 Ohms

Computer water temp sensor  230 Ohms

Smoke test ok

Fresh Gas

New Plugs and wires

No injectors leaking

New Injection Harness

Ignition Timing ok

Aux Air Valve Working

Good Spark

Anything Below 11-1200RPM the engine dies

Coil wiring seems a bit odd,  2 wires to the (+) side and 4 to the (-) side??

Still bad Multiple Random Cylinder Misfires

Anything I left out just ask

Thank You for your time and help, it is much appreciated

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