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Jaguar Repair/Jag 74 XJ6L oil leak


On satart up the car will deposit about a ounze or two of oil under the front portion of the engine and than it stops. The car has 54k and very original. I have replaced the gaskets for the oil pan, valve covers and oil filter. When running it appears ok. I have not had someone start it as I look under the engine. Is there something I should be looking for.

Hi Tom,

That is a strange one. I think you will need to put the car on a lift with someone in the car and with a good light get under the area where the leak is and have the car started and watch where it is coming from.

In dealerships we often had to do this with engine running leaks that could not be seen from above or with mirrors.

Small leaks are common on all the older Jags. (and all of the older British cars and motorcycles) So much so, that there are many jokes about Jaguar oil leaks and even bumper stickers about it. A standard statement of a Jag owner is "That is not an oil leak under my cat! that is my cat marking it's territory"

Jaguar once told us at the dealership back in those days that if a new Jag had more then two spots the size of a silver dollar after being parked, they would pay for us to attempt to stop the leak but if that is all there was the factory would not warranty any attempts to stop them.

But your leak is unique in that oil seems to be stored someplace until you start. Let me know what you find as it will be interesting to all who read these too.


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