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Jaguar Repair/Starting '87 XJSC after 6 years in garage


One mechanic says charge battery, add fuel, give it a go.

Another says don't do it, old gas in car will ruin fuel injectors and maybe engine.-tow to shop instead.

What do you think?

Hi Nick,

I think they both are partly correct in that you should drain the stale gas and put in fresh high octane fuel and add a can of injection cleaner in the gas. I would then change the oil and filter and either charge the battery or replace it and then try to start it. Be sure to check the coolant level.

You should first remove the power wires off of the ignition coil and spin the starter until you see your fresh oil is showing pressure on the gauge. Then reconnect the power wires to the coil and try to start it with a little starting fluid sprayed into each intake.

Then if you can't get it started or can't get it to run right, then take it to a shop that knows Jaguar, not just any shop.

You don't need to be an experienced mechanic to do these things first.


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