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Bullmoose wrote at 2012-11-19 11:40:39
From the above I gather:

1.   Brown/Black tracer = Alternator

2.   White = Coil+

3.   White/Grey/Blue Spiral tracer = Coil Tach

4.   Black/brown tracer = Oil Warning Light

5.   Green/Blue Tracer = Coolant Temperature

6.   White/Blue tracer = low coolant warning light

7.   Green = fused power (for ?)

8.   Extra Wire Green /brown tracer = AC compressor clutch

However, the S3 XJ6 typically has an oil pressure gauge. As far as I know the wiring for this should be included in the 8-pin plug, wiring I believe to be coloured White/Brown tracer. Can you confirm this wiring for the oil pressure gauge is included in this plug?

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