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Hi and thanks in advance.
I'm helping a friend get his 1967 XKE convertible back in running order. The gas tank needs to be replaced. Is there an alternative to trying to find an OEM tank ?
Also, the head lights don't have the glass covering. Does this mean it's a Series 1.5 ?

best and thanks again !

Hi John,

I have not looked for an E-Type tank, so I am not sure what is available now. Even the Jaguar dealers are selling a lot of aftermarket parts. I deal a lot with Engel Imports (a Jaguar dealer and British car parts company) You should look them up on the Internet and ask if they have a tank for your car and ask if it is OEM or aftermarket. They are good people to deal with.

I was a Jag mechanic in dealerships all during the E-type span and as I remember all the 67s had the glass covered head lights and the 68 models had the slight chrome hump and the no glass. As I remember the 67's had three SU carburetors and the 68 had two Strombergs.

Back then the production date of the 7th month of 67-on was a normally a 68. Just from memory I don't remamber any 67's without the glass covered head lights and 3 SU's.

If there was any I missed seeing them. If there were any half year models of SU carbs and no glass our dealership didn't get any of them.


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