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Jaguar Repair/1990 XJS Transmission Linkage Failure


Howard: After 5 years I started my XJS (good) and began to back out
of the garage and lost my shift control (bad). In other words, the car is now locked in reverse and the shifter is free and useless in any gear. I assume I broke the shifting assembly and will have to replace. Now as you know, these darn little cars really negate crawling underneath so I'll have to work I guess from the top down. Can you tell me please how exactly does one take the center console apart? I kinda think as a novice I could be in for some real trouble. Thanks for any assistance.

Hi Tim,

I have no experience nor info on any Jag after the 1987 models, however I think the center consoles are very much alike.

On the older models you have to remove the heater control and fan knobs. Some had two brass fasteners just under the control levers and then you can remove that panel. Then remove the two side air vent grills and side panels. unscrew the shift lever knob. open the arm rest lid and remove the screw holding the inside tray down. Then remove the switch panel to the arm rest. Remove the switch panel but you should mark the wires with tape as you remove the wires so you can get them back in the correct position. Now remove the two screws holding the console down. Move the seats and the backs to their fully forward position and peel back the carpet at the rear corners of the console and remove the screws underneath.
Unplug the the stop light failure sensor (if it has one)
Now the console should be able to be removed.


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