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Hi Howard just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Gary I own and can offer discounts on all new and used Jaguar parts that might be needed by car owners that you are helping. My info:

Hi Gary,

I do not work for "All Experts" and only help people all over the world with tech problems on the cars I know. In Jaguar that is from the XK-120 up to and including the 1987 models. I do at times recommend dealers for parts but only those that I have had dealings with in the past and can vouch for.

You should contact the people at All Experts to see if they can include an ad for you somewhere. Or have one of your techs sign up to answer questions on later model Jaguars as they need someone for that.


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Howard M. Fitzcharles III


Jaguar from the XK 120 to XJ-6 ser. 3 1987


Dealership line mechanic on MG, Triumph, Jaguar for 15 years, Instructor in commercial mechanics school 2 yr. Product information manager for piston and valve manufacture, Instructor & hotline answer man for import car parts importer 15 yrs.

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