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My Jaguar suddenly will not crank today. Will not even spin the starter. Put a charger on it for 3 hours, no improvement. Added jump start vehicle and booster box in parallel, of course, nothing. Replaced battery, no change, I'm not even getting a click or single rotation of the engine. My gut says the starter solenoid is stuck, but are there other ways to test and verify, short of removing the starter?


Hi Michael,

You said no "Click" so the first thing to check is the starter relay on the fire wall in the engine compartment just at the rear of the cylinder head. The starter relay is the larger relay (metal can). Remove the large white w/red tracer wire from the "C-4" terminal on the relay and be sure the shift lever in in "Park" and just touch a hot jumper wire to that white w/red tracer wire and see if it activeates the starter solenoid and starter motor. If it does, then put the white w/red wire back on the relay and remove the Black w/green tracer wire on terminal "W-1" terminal on the relay and test the wire to see if it is a good ground (be sure the shift lever is in Park) if the wire is a good ground then put the black w/green wire back on the "W-1" terminal. Then remove the white w/yellow wire from the "W-2" terminal and put a 12v test light on the wire and turn the ignition switch to the "Start" position to see if it lights the test light. That tests the ignition switch and wiring from the switch. You can test the relay and the starter solenoid and wiring to there by touching the "W-2" terminal with a hot test wire.

Print this out and run these tests and you have to find the fault.

Let me know,


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