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Jaguar Repair/1984 XJ6 not starting



Sorry, didn't realize I wasn't clear on that. The car will NOT keep running unless some fuel is being introduced in the intake. I have tried starting fluid and carb cleaner, most recently spraying 20 seconds worth of carb cleaner in to the hole where the cold start injector goes, putting the cold start injector back, but without bolts, then starting the engine. It will then run well for a moment and then continue to lose rpms until it dies. It will not continue running on the regular injectors. That is the whole issue. Good fuel pressure, pulse on noid light, spark, etc, but will not keep running. On the other hand, it will run quite well as long as I can stand there and spray starting fluid in to it.

I did the compression test again after adding half a cap full of oil to each cylinder and now get #1 - 150, #2 - 150, #3 - 150, #4 - 145, #5 - 150, #6 - 145.

I'm going to put everything back together later this evening and see how it will behave.

OK, then you have established that you are getting no fuel from the injectors or what ever it is injecting is not fuel. The fact that if you keep spraying starter fluid proves that the ignition system is working. Compression is not great but is enough to run. You are also getting NO fuel from the cold start valve or it would fire off on that. Or what ever it is spraying (if it is spraying anything, it is not fuel)

At this point you need to take some of the fuel from the fuel rail and put it in a can or jar and take it outside and test it to see if it burns.

Physics tells you that a combustible fuel that is sprayed and compressed and ignited has to burn. Yours is not.


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