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Jaguar Repair/1984 XJ6 not starting



Tonight, the Jaguar started right up and ran for 15 minutes, right up to normal temperature and with no additional coaxing. Lesson learned here I guess - and I hope you will publish this for others to see - is that any store bought additives, cleaners or whatever should be used conservatively, and should be run through the system in short order. My hunch is that whatever I put in these tanks, whatever fuel injector cleaner I honestly do not recall the brand or type, ruined the gas and rendered it barely combustible. I arrived at that theory last week, but when a sample burned readily on a shop towel, I doubted myself. The proof now is in the results though.

My goodness. What a strange trip this has been. Since it ran well enough tonight, I'll skip blowing out the lines, but will replace the filter and drain and refill the right tank now with fresh petrol.

Thank you for working with me on this, again.


I have used injection cleaner a few times but added a small can in a full tank of fuel but didn't notice any problems at the time. I did note that it was a long term thing to add it to the fuel and needed to be done several times over a long period to do any good so we opted to have the injection cleaner connected directly to the fuel rail and ran the engine on straight injection cleaner (not the kind you put in a tank of gas).

Some brands may effect the vaporization of fuel, don't know. But if that is the only thing different on your car you should try to find out what brand it was either from the store you got it from or locate the can.


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