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Have a 1985 Jaguar xj6 and the passenger front window works and the other three windows and sunroof wont work I put the switch from the passenger front window in all the other switch places and still the window or sun roof wont work  Master switch is works fine
any help is appreciated.


Your power relay is working or you would have no windows working and the master switch is also working or you would have no window operating. Since you tried the known good switch in all the other positions then you have narrowed the fault down to either the wiring or motors.

If the windows were recently operating it is unlikely the motors as 4 motors would not die at once. If you don't know the history of the car that is possible. So I would test a couple of the motors first if you don't know the history of the car. Open a door panel and alternate power and a ground to the two motor wires.

To test the grounds, first check the cirgar lighter rim light to see if it operates and check the fiber optic lights on the heat/air controls to see if they light up. They share the ground with the window switches. Then check the grounds of the black wites leaving all the switches. (there are short black jumper wires on the switchs but they just transfer power and grounds when operating the switch.

If you would like, I can post a diagram of the window circuit on my web site for you to copy. let me know.


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