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Where can I buy seal kits for cylinders for the top

Hi Peter,

Sorry but I have no experience nor information on any Jaguar after the 1987 models. I did work on the early XJ-S V-12 cars and as I remember there were no seals on them at the top of the cylinders. They were called "Wet Sleeves" as the cylinder liners were loose in the block and only held down by the cylinder head. The seals were low on the cylinder sleeves down in the block. This caused a large problem as when a cylinder head was removed it sometimes stuck to the head and thus it raised the sleeve up allowning trash to get into the lower seal. Which then caused a lot of extra work on the engine.

I don't know if they corrected that problem in the 1996 year models or not. You should read the profile of each tech to try to find a tech with later model Jaguar experience.


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