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QUESTION: I could not wait to test the v.s. ,so I drove over to my car to test the ground on the v.s. I did it the way u said to,the v.s. was grounded both way. off case of v.s. and off tach with readings of 12.6 off both, still no reading off the output still reading 0. I have 2 g/b wires off fuel,g/b and g/u off tem. w/b and g off oil,and g and b off battery could the v.s. be bad. willing to try what ever u say. mkike.  Thanks again for all your help!!!!!!!!!

ANSWER: Mike, what are you talking about "having 12.6 off both" ?? Tell me exactly in detail how you tested the ground of the regulator and tach and speedo.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I placed the blacklead off the v.meter on the case of the v. s. and the red on the inputside(green wire)of the v.s. and got a 12.6 reading, then I put the black wire from the meter on the tach. and the red wire from the voltmeter on the green wire from the input side of the v.s. and got the same reading12.6.  sorry if I was not clear before hope that this is better.  So I know that the v.s. is grounded

OK that was correct. But when you put the black test lead on the case of the Voltage Stabilizer and the red lead on the output of the stabilizer you didn't get the 10 volts you were suppose to get ?  The stabilizer was connected to the fuel and temp gauges at the time you checked for a 10v output ? The stabilizer is a "Regulator" not a resistor so it has to be connected to the gauges to operate.

If that is how you tested it then it is bad.


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