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were does the power come from for #1 fuse and #5 fuse I am trying to put in a new dash harness and am having all kinds of problems I can't get my headlights to work, only when I run a power source too the blue wire off the switch and still can't get the turn signal too work ,I did get all 4 flashers to work when I turned on the hazard switch last night, but when I turn off the hazard switch  I have no front or rear lights, only when I run power directly to them.    Thank you          Mike

Fuse #1 & #2 receive power from the Dipper (high/low) switch which receives power from the light switch and it receives power from "direct power" from the power side of fuse #3.

I worked in Jaguar dealerships on the E-Type from the first one to the last one and I learned early to first have a wiring diagram for the car I was working on. Even an electrical engineer would have a difficult time working on the electrical system of any car without a diagram.

There is not enough space in this peogram to write all the possible problems that can cause the problems you have on all of the rest of the system.

We would often be faced with a series of faults in the electrical systems (like you are now)but I learned to pick only one circuit to correct. Often when I solved that one circuit, that corrected several others too. If not tackle only one at a time until you have finished.

But first have a witing diagram in front of you. First get a diagram of your car and pick ONLY one circuit and start at the "Load" (item that don't operate) and with a test light or volt/ohm meter and follow the trail on the diagram toward the "Source" (power supply) This method has a 100% fix rate always.

As you follow the trail (load toward source) and you have a problem contact me and I will compare your diagram with mine as some diagrams differ and that can trap any mechanic. (Example, Fiat cars)


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