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QUESTION: I do not understand the answer.    my car won't start, the ? is is it possible that it won't start because I have removed the tach from the car.

ANSWER: Hi Mike, Sorry, I thought I said if you don't have a tach drive generator on the rear of the intake cam then your car has a tach that supplies power to the coil. When you disconnect the wires to the tach you have eliminated the power to the coil so it can't run then.

Look at the rear of the intake cam and see if there is a unit bolted to the rear of the head at the cam. If there is no electrical unit there then your tach powers the coil so it will not run until you reconnect the wires to the tach.


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QUESTION: thank u . ihave been going nuts to ..find out why my car won't start. Now I know. U are the best,alway have the answer to the ? thank u again

If you wnat to try to start it before the tach comes back. Look at the wires you removed from the tach. There should be 3 wires. One green and two white wires. Make a jumper to connect the 2 white wires together and then remove the wires off of the coil (+) side and then turn on the Ignition key to "ON" and test the wires you removed from the coil (+) terminal and at least one should be hot (powered). If so turn off the Ignition key and connect the wires back onto the (+) side of the coil and try to start it.

This only bypasses the tach and it should run mormally. The problem is that the car is old and no telling how many people may have changed some of the wiring. Especially if someone put electronic ignition in the car and messed with the wiring.

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