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Ran all the test every thing was good so I ran the hot wire to the horn no horn, So I took off the horn looked at it and pulled at my manual, and read about the horns. It said that there is a screw to adjust the horn sound and I turns it and run the hot wire and the horn worked, I was so happy. Could not have done it with out u thank u again.

 Next I am going to work on my panel lite
I have a resister and a ceramic protector on my instrument panel, so I called sng and was told that it was the panel lite resister and that  it  was no longer available, I was not sure if it was the panel lite resister so I gave the part number c32119 and c32120 and was told it was. On my resister there are no wires or spades, and it was never been used. I want to do it right .Before my panel lite were power off my voltage stabilizer, I also have bought a new panel lite switch, they told me that it was also not available but had a replacement, when it came it was different , it did not have a number 2 terminal, it has 1 to 8 but only on 1-3-4-5 are there spades, so were I thought the red power wire off fuse5 should go  I put it on terminal 5 and they took my test lite and power off 3-4 so I put the r/u wire on terminal 4 and my edge lite lit up, so them I put the r/w wire on 3 and the r/n wire on 1 and the gauge and instrument lite lit up, but when I go to CLOSE the panel door they go off all but the instrument lite. I checked every thing and for some reason I checked the fuses and no power to fuses5-6-7-8and no power to 3-4 but power to 1 and 2. when I open the door I have power to all the fuses. So then I took off the r/w wire and placed it on terminal 1 and r/n on 3 and the edge  lite stays on but no panel lite, I have ask sng for 2 week for diagram but no luck yet.
I want to wire it the way the wiring diagram shows. How do I go about doing that, if I am not able to find a panel lite resister, and if not how would I go about wiring it.
I hope that I have explained every thing right , I find it every confusing. U have been every helpful and hope u have some suggestion on this one.Also I would like to mention, that I have 2 r/n wires one right by the resister and one that is with the r/u and r and r/w wires.  
 MikeThanks again for all the help could never have gotten this far with out u
Can't wait to read your answer!!!!!!!!!!!

The horns sound great.

Mike, you need to only work on one circuit until you have it correct. You are trying to attack a half dozen at once.

The panel light reostat can be tosed in the trash and wire the panel lights without it. Just connect the two reostat wires together. Or if you wnat a reostat for some reason try to get one from a later model XJ-6 as I bet they are close to the same anyway. As a last resort take your ohm meter and measure the resistance of the bulb wire on the reostat from it to ground and go to a store like Radio Shack and get a variable reostat for that resistance and 12 volts. Then adapt the Jag control knob to the Radio Shack reostat. The panel lights should not be powered off of the voltage stabilizer. They are owered off of fuse #5.

You need to take ONLY ONE circuit and look at your diagram and follow it and don't even look at anything else until you complete ONE circuit. You will drive yourself crazy trying to look at several circuits.


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