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Jaguar Repair/1987 xj6 hard shift.


My xj6 with 90k miles has a hard downshift (clunk) from 3 to 1 when coming to a stop in drive. Not a problem in 2. I wonder if it has a vacuum modulator or other adjustment to correct this. other shifts OK. Thanks, Bill

Hi Bill,

I am not a expert on automatic transmissions but my 87 XJ-6 did the same thing and I found it to be the idle was set too high. There may be other things that can cause that too but that is what it was on my car. I was able to confirm it later when I tried driving quickly before the "Fast Idle" would turn off and it did it then too but as soon as the idle dropped to normal it stopped doing it. If you idle is 700 RPM or less and it does it then something else is causing it. You then may have to ask a automatic transmission expert about it. You know it is an American Borg Warner "66" transmission so any domestic transmission shop could answer the question.


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