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I remover my water pump from my 1969 xke with a/c.  I was not thinking and took no pictures. Big mistake,won't make that one again.  I am having trouble putting it back together. I don't seem to remember how the idler pulley goes back on, and the 3 belts. I do no were the alternator one goes.   I have looked for pictures no luck. would u be able to tell how or send me a diagram of how the idler and belts go on. I have the pump back on and the bracket for the air on but just can't figure out how the idler pulley goes back on. Please tell me what belt goes on first then second then third. I have . I have two pulleys coming off my water pump. .The first one is for the alternator i think  then there is a space between them second one is for the water pump, i think, i have three pulleys  below the water pump . Is the first one not used, because it is right below the alternator pulley. Then the second one , then a much lager one ,i think is a pulley ,it looks much different , i also have a tension pulley i think that is what it is called, with a spring down below and what belt is that one for? and does the belt go on the inside or out side of that one with the spring. I hope i have explained every thing so that u can understand it. Thank u for your help and can 'wait to hear back from u so i can take my car out for a ride!!!!!
When i say first i am starting from the front of the car

Hi Mike,

I can not remember off the top of my head what the belt arangement was on a 69 E-type as it was too many years ago when I worked on them. So I dug through what books I had and couldn't find an exact listing of that car's belts. I can only remember two different types of idler pulleys and the one used on V-12's was on a long lever with an adjusting rod on the other end of the lever. On the 4.2 6 cylinder like you have, I remember a short lever with a spring around the pivot mount of the short lever. I found a photo of that idler which I have attached.

As far as what belt when on in what order that should be able to get right by mounting each unit. The AC compressor and alternator mount in a specific place and then each pulley will line up with it's grove on the crank pulley and the water pump. The picture I found of the idler pulley is a monkey puzzle but if yours is like this you should be able to see how it mounts on the lower front right side of the engine. (lower left when facing the front of the engine)
A piece of wood dowel rod laid tight in each pulley grove is a good way to aim at another grove for alignment. This asures the alignment of pullies are correct.
That is the best I can tell you.


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