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Jaguar Repair/a/c wire diagram no power on grn/brn wire to a/c clutch


QUESTION: no power at clutch fuses are good need wire diargrm

ANSWER: Hi Peter,

I may have a wiring diagram but I need to know what kind of car you have.


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QUESTION: sorry I have a 1986 xj6 jaguar and thanks

AC Diagrams 1
AC Diagrams 1  

AC Diagram 2
AC Diagram 2  
Hi Peter,

The AC system of the Series III XJ-6 Jag is a climet control system snd it complicated as you can see form the diagrams. When working as a mechanic in the Jag dealerships we worked on a little of the AC units but if we couldn't fix them we often had to turn the car over to a AC shop that specialized in AC.

The Servo assembly is inside the AC box and can only be accessed by removing the whole dash assembly. The servo is a drum that rotates and opeerates several switchs and several vacuum valves to operate vacuum motors that blend air to different parts of the car. This AC system operates all the time even when the Heat is turned on. This it to dehumitify the air. The Relays are accually one large relay pack in the left side of the center consol by the driver's right foot.

The AC system will not turn on the compressor clutch unless there is Freon in the system. This prevents the clutch engagement when the Freon is low. So you should check the pressure in the system before wasting time trying to get the clutch to engage.

I owned and worked on many Series III Jags and I found that the compressors were very poorly built (Harrison Compressors) and that 3 out of every 4 failures of the AC system was the Harrison compressor. Some auto parts stores would not even handle rebuilt Harrison compressors because they failed so often.

Inclosed are the two halves of the AC diagram.  

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